About Us

Our mission is to help kids engage and learn joyfully.

We're teachers too, so we recognize the enormous and immediate need among teachers throughout America to help get us through the first few years of Common Core State Standards (CCSS). With no curriculum in sight, the bar has been raised, and we have no playbook to guide our work.

Eventually, with support and the right resources, you'll learn to fish; to teach in a way that meets CCSS and engages your kids. We know you don’t have time to take fishing lessons AND teach your kids to fish. Each of us has a classroom of hungry students depending on us, so right now, we need someone to just give us the fish. Until you get the hang of it, though, we're here to help.


Liz is a 6th grade teacher who is in the middle of remodeling-her-house-hell. Last year, she finished her 5th year of teaching in Ontario, California and has been busily planning for this year’s class of kiddos for weeks. Liz has a BA in English from University of California, Riverside, and her California Teaching Credential (Multiple Subjects & Single Subject - English) and a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from California State University, San Bernardino. Last year, she wrote her thesis on “The Effects of Brain Compatible Instruction, Social Emotional Development, and Classroom Community Building on Adolescents”. She knows it’s a mouthful, but couldn’t bear to leave any of those words out of the title.

Liz has been trained in brain compatible teaching strategies (she’s a trainer of trainers for Pat Wolfe... cool, huh?!), GATE, PBIS, and lots of other really great education-related innovations with crazy acronyms. Her favorite thing to teach is tone & mood in poetry, her favorite punctuation mark is a tie between an ampersand and a semi-colon, and she’s been known to dress up as a chicken, wear a neon green wig, and do pretty much anything to get her class to laugh.

When she’s not at school or pondering her favorite punctuation mark, she likes to hike, bake, and hang out with her dogs & husband. She also loves to email; write her & you might get something back if it’s after 2:45 (when the bell rings) or prior to 9:00 pm, her bedtime.


With a degree in Visual Communication in her back pocket, she’s got a talent for handling the visuals that she knows can make all the difference in a classroom; she’s got visuals DOWN.  She got her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential at Cal State Fullerton in 2010 and has been kicking ass in the classroom ever since. She’s taught both middle school math and ELA. Although her comfort zone was initially ELA, she accepted a position to teach 8th grade Algebra and her students soared. Now back in ELA-land, she’s quite the little cameleon teacher & can teach pretty much anything.

Kate’s most recent training was in Kate Kinsella ELD strategies. Her favorite thing to teach is the Civil War (recently, she used a novel to teach it & her kids ate it up) and she’s obsessed with Nest candles. Her favorite letter of the alphabet is Q (because it always travels with a vowel buddy) and she loves to draw it; she thinks it’s just a good letter. She is famous at her school for singing to her students; she says they love it. Maybe check with them to get the real story...

In her spare time, she likes to hike, garden, and is obsessed with cutting propogated plants. She’s got a husband and she thinks she’ll keep him; he is worth his weight in gold since he keeps her classroom wired with his electrical background. This summer, she’s realized she loves to invent different flavors of spritzers and is still floating around in newlywed bliss.


Margaret Glick (also known as Mars, Migs, Margy, Ma, Marge) is an educational consultant, university instructor & author. She also has the best garden in town. She taught grades 3-8 for a long time, mentored teachers, instructionally coached, and worked as a staff developer, administrator & superintendent. Phew, what a lotta stuff! She presents on educational topics all over the globe (she even has a conference coming up in Prague, lucky duck) and loves every minute of it. She’s a registered Braniac, with an expertise on connecting neuroscience & cognitive science principles to teaching and learning. She even wrote a book about it!

Her favorite thing to teach is how emotions impact learning. Her favorite key on the computer is definitely the tilde (it’s the thing created by doing shift + button below esc) because it’s a serpantine shape & she has a proclivity for it. NOT that she likes snakes (sidebar: she does have wooden snakes hidden all over her house and has battled a snake that snuck into her living room once). Marge has also been known to run in heels (while chasing bears from her hometown schoolyard) and use the phrase, “Do you know what an eyewitness is?” to get kids to fess up to a wrongdoing.

She’s been married 30 years to a great fella & enjoys gardening, cooking, and swinging on the porch swing with that hubby. She also just happens to be Liz’s mom & Kate’s aunt. ;)

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