Q: Why did you start JGMTF?

So if you’ve read our bios, you may remember that Kate & Liz are both middle-school classroom teachers. Last year, they met weekly at Starbucks to debrief their classroom stories and found that they were both consistently STARVING for good common core resources. Mid-year, they also began taking long hikes (with their three combined dogs, who have been known to kill squirrels) and talking about their future in education. On one of those hikes, a wise uncle/dad suggested starting an educational business. Kate & Liz took this a little more seriously than he had anticipated and jumped right into the creation of JGMTF. Margaret, who had also been pushing for an educational side-project for years, was thrilled and wanted in.

So, JGMTF was formed and the gals began to write some lesson plans.

The JGMTF group is passionate about helping kids learn joyfully. They are experienced, highly trained, and very successful in the classroom and the field of education. They figured they could help a lot of teachers and kids out there who might benefit from their combined knowledge, skills and efforts.

Q: Do you have any free lesson plans?

Not quite yet, however, as soon as we have a spare moment, there will be. While we get those started, take a moment to look at the several learning progression freebies currently available (really helpful CCSS tools for teachers).

Q: Can I suggest or request a specific product or format?

Sure! We love getting feedback and though we cannot guarantee that we can fulfill every request, we will definitely do our best to accommodate.

Q: What am I allowed to do with lesson plans I download from Just Give Me The Fish?

All items are copyrighted. As an individual, when you purchase, you are buying a single license, for personal classroom use.

Q: Where did the name “Just Give Me The Fish” come from? Are you avid pescetarians?

One day, we were sitting around talking about the current educational landscape. Working as a presenter with hundreds of teachers over the past two years, Margaret mentioned that a lot of teachers are asking for models of what Common Core learning experiences are going to look, sound and feel like in a real classroom. They want to try some good models out to experience it before they can (a) buy-in, and (b) feel comfortable with some of the content and instructional shifts assumed in the CCSS. During this conversation she said, “You know, that whole teach a man to fish, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah? I feel like right now, it would be great to not only catch it for them, but prepare it deliciously and serve it generously. What teachers need right now is not to be taught how to fish, but to be given the fish.” with all due respect to whomever came up with that genius proverb.

Teachers already have SO many hats they wear – counselor, content expert, behavioral specialist, diagnostician, etc. It’s not that they need to be given stuff because they are not up to the challenge, it’s just that the creation of brand-new materials is going to take time, experience, and energy that is always in short supply for a teacher, especially once school starts.

Although all of the JGMTF gals know how great fish is for your health (our doctors keep telling us so), Kate & Liz kind of hate it, but are trying very hard to love it. We hope to become avid pescatarians someday.

Q: I saw a spelling/grammatical error in one of your lesson plans. If I correct something for you can I have a cookie?

We pride ourselves on having impeccable grammar and a keen eye for details, so it would mortify us to have products out there with our name on it with any type of error. We also realize we’re human and we’ve spent an entire summer writing these darn things, so if you find an error on one of our products, email and let us know, you will receive a $4 credit to the JGMTF store.

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